Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Why use a "whitelabel" service?

    There are a number of reasons for using a “white label” service:

    1. Achieving Growth Without Stretching the Budget: You are looking to grow your company, but don’t want the overhead of extra staff
    2. Client Deadlines: You have a number of engagements which you are unable to service temporarily
    3. Resource Issues: Long term illness or experienced personnel leaving

    Each of the above can cause a significant drain on resources or cash flow within the business

  • Why should you choose WhiteLabel Consulting?

    Our consultants have over many years of experience in the industry, working at various boutiques and larger consultancies. With a large skill set, our flexible, friendly staff can provide your clients with the same high standards they are used to.

  • How do you deal with confidentiality?

    When the initial agreement is created, the terms of the subcontract work are discussed and finalised. Below is a non-exhaustive list of the protection you can expect:

    1. Non-Solicitation agreements
    2. Non-Disclosure agreements
    3. Terms regarding storage and deletion of client data

    This said, and the fact many clients use multiple consultancies in a rotational format, there may be an instance where by an engagement is offered to a client we have performed work for in the past. In this case WhiteLabel Consulting will inform you and allow you to make a judgement call on whether or not to engage with us on this particular assessment.

  • Will my clients be aware you are not an employee?

    If a client were to spend time performing OSINT and reconnaisance on the testing team, it may be the case that this comes to light. Usually we find this is not the case and they will be none the wiser, due to the processes in place and our consultants would never disclose that they are an external resource. Furthermore, our consultants are happy to have as much or as little communication as you require, and will even communicate with your clients using your webmail service where required.

  • What are your lead times for booking in assessments?

    From past experience, lead times vary throughout the year, with certain months being busier than others. If you know you are likely to require resource, we recommened you engage with us as early as possible to avoid missing out.

  • What are the steps for engaging with you?

    Easiest way to ensure the process runs smoothly is to schedule a telephone discussion at your convenience, we can discuss the requirements, decide on a way forward that suits both parties, and take it from there. After this we will

    1. Arrange for an NDA to be signed
    2. Agree Terms and Conditions
    3. Schedule any work you are wishing to outsource
  • Do you charge cancellation fees?

    Cancellations, while not always foreseeable, do happen and like with any company we need to protect our income and ensure we have enough to cover salaries. We are not able to schedule work without a purchase order, and our current cancellation terms are:

    • > 10 working days notice – 0%
    • < 10 but > 5 working days notice – 25%
    • < 5 days notice – 100%
  • Do you have a minimum engagement length?

    We are able to provide resources for any period of time. If you need a constant resource for several months, or wish to purchase a block booking, we may be able to offer a preferential rate.