Security Resource at a sensible rate

After working in the security industry for over 20 years, we appreciate that growing a team and meeting client deadlines is never easy. Staff turnover, budget constraints, and clients wanting their assessments at the same time are all common issues. 

  • – Are you facing a temporary resource shortage?
  • – Trying to grow your business, but unable to increase your head count?
  • – Do you need interim cover while a new starter is available to join?

If so, we are able to help cover your shortfall, allowing you to retain and service existing client agreements and increase revenue. Whether this one resource, or several, we are able to provide dedicated security consultants, with relevant industry experience. 

We are able to operate under the guise of an employee, responding to clients using your web mail service, attending wash up calls, and producing a report in your own template (or reporting solution) so the whole process appears seamless to your clients.


We have been involved in IT Security for over 20 years, and one of our Director’s is also a co-founder of SteelCon, an IT Security conference based in Sheffield. His experience of performing security assessments was proceeded by a number of years as a developer and systems administrator, providing him with a varied skill set. Our other team members have a minimum of 2 years experience, and where required, this team can be further extended on an ad-hoc basis to help you deliver jobs where the timescales are tight, or specialisation is required.

Assessment Coverage

We are able to offer resource to cover the following types of testing:

  • – Web application
  • – Mobile Application
  • – API Assessments
  • – Internal Assessment
  • – External Assessment
  • – Code Reviews